The BPI is pleased to announce the publication of the report accompanying its BPI Insight Session: Tellin’ Stories: The Art of Building & Maintaining Artist Legacies.

The Music Ally authored report reflects in detail all 10 highly informative presentations made by industry experts during the virtual event hosted on 8th July 2021 in association with regular partners Music Ally, and with the valued support of BPI official audio partner, Bowers & Wilkins.

The report is free for BPI members and can be accessed here, while more BPI reports from previous Insight Sessions are available here.


Report contents:

Building artist legacies has long been at the core of what record labels and their affiliated teams do – from positioning and crafting a narrative around an artist from the first day, to managing archives and assets – and finding audiences that will connect with each artist, often long after they are no longer active or with us.  The art of managing these legacies has evolved over the years – and with the advent of social media, as well as new platforms and tools, this is transforming more rapidly still.  This latest BPI Insight Session will explore the many facets of this process, looking at case studies and best practice around a broad spectrum of artists and the music companies that support them.

  1. Managing Archives– Brad Mindich, CEO of Inveniem
  2. Activating Catalogues Ahead of New Releases– Julie Sandrin, Director of Digital Marketing, Sony Music Commercial Group UK
  3. Data Insights & Real-time Reactions– Tom Gallacher, Director of Digital & Marketing, Rhino UK/ Warner Music UK
  4. Comebacks & Reinventions – Peter Robinson, Journalist & Founder, Popjustice
  5. Deepening the Roots and Expanding the Vision - Aaron Talbert, Vice President Sales & Marketing, VP/ Greensleeves
  6. All Boxed Up: Cult Artists to Global Icons– Michael Neidus, Global Commercial Manager & Dan Walton, Product Manager, Demon Music Group
  7. Pop for Posterity – Andy Linehan, Curator, Popular Music Collections, British Library
  8. Estate Management: Building Legacies For Artists Who Have Left Us– Eamonn Forde, Music Ally contributor, author of 'Leaving the Building: The Lucrative Afterlife of Music Estates' (out August 2021)
  9. Storytelling & Posthumous Social Media– Alicia Yaffe, Senior Vice President Catalogue Development & Marketing, Warner Music Group
  10. Tech Marketing Tactics for Legacy Artists – Marlen Huellbrock, Head of Marketing Services, Music Ally