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Here you can find edited video highlights, blogs and reports from BPI’s Insight Sessions, sponsored by Bowers and Wilkins.

The views expressed in the BPI Insight Sessions are personal to the panelists and do not necessarily reflect those of the BPI or imply endorsement.

The Future of Music Communities and Worldbuilding: Lessons from the Games Industry

6th February 2024

In association with BPI audio partner Bowers & Wilkins the session explored the intersection between music and gaming, featuring expert speakers across both industries. Guest speakers were the BPI’s new Chief Executive and former CEO of Ukie - the UK trade association for the games and interactive entertainment industry, Dr Jo Twist OBE, Director of Community Safety and Digital Civility at RobloxLaura Higgins, and Director of Digital & New Tech within 4th Floor CreativeSony Music UKHari Ashurst-Venn. Additionally, Zoe Scaman, Founder of Bodacious, a strategy studio navigating the new frontiers of innovation within the brand and entertainment worlds gave a live in-person keynote alongside an exclusive video keynote from renowned Futurist from the Copenhagen Institute for Futures StudiesSofie Hvitved.

Watch the virtual keynote speech from Sofie Hvitved, Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies

Watch the panel discussion in full.

Watch the keynote speech from Dr Jo Twist OBE, CEO of BPI and former CEO of Ukie

The Future Of...Recorded Music

19th April 2023

This session marked the first in a new series 'BPI Insight Session 50' which will be made up of three events across the year looking ahead to the next 50 years of innovation in music. The BPI Insight Session 50 series has taken “the next 50 years” as its theme and will look to celebrate today’s diverse, innovative and progressive UK music industry.  As a central element, the BPI has commissioned the highly respected futurologist Sofie Hvitved of the Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies, to present keynote addresses for each of the three planned events, tailored toward different topics, technologies and opportunities for the UK record industry.

The BPI in association with Bowers & Wilkins presented 'The Future of… Recorded Music' at Abbey Road Studio Two.

Innovation Manager at Abbey Road Red, Karim Fanous, presented the history of Abbey Road, the world’s first-ever custom-built recording studio, and its rich history of technological innovation.

Special guest speaker Sofie Hvitved, Futurist and Senior Advisor from The Copenhagen Institute For Future Studies explores the art of future studies, the modern music consumer, and the role that music might continue to play.

Rasika D'Souza, Futuresource Consulting, presented ‘The Audio Industry In Numbers’, a fascinating deep dive into the audio industry, from its evolution to the most current consumer trends and behaviours.

Sofie Hvitved, Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies led an expert panel with: Rasika D'Souza - Futuresource Consulting, Andy Kerr - Bowers & Wilkins, Steven Price - Academy and BAFTA Award-winning Film Composer

Exploring Immersive Audio

30th November 2022

The latest in our popular insights series was an exploration of immersive audio- from what it actually is, what the consumer market is looking like, through to the production and creative opportunities making this a technology worth knowing about.

Read about the Insight Session in full from our Innovation Manager, Amalie Briden here!


Listening Experience: ODEN, Simon Connor

Please click here to find a listening experience, kindly provided to BPI members by musician Simon Connor and filmmaker Andrew Brooks. Whilst any headphones will work, over-ear headphones will provide the best listening experience to demo the work.

Oden: Winter

Oden is an immersive audio-visual piece by sound artist / composer Simon Connor and filmmaker Andrew Brooks. The work depicts the changing sights and sounds of the landscape through the seasons of Odins Gully, located in the U.K's Peak District. The look and sound of Oden is heavily inspired by Slow Cinema, Deep Listening and cinematic representations of landscape.

This excerpt from the Winter season of Oden features an immersive soundtrack; a blend of site-specific field recordings and acoustic instrumentation, with performances from members of the BBC Philharmonic. This clip is rendered in binaural audio, please enjoy with headphones for the full experience.

Credits: Simon Connor & Andrew Brooks

Audio Director Dani Valkova recorded a special keynote speech delving into the future of immersive audio for artists and brands.


Rasika D’Souza, (Futuresource) uses data and insights to tell the story of current immersive consumption in the UK and global marketplace.

Artist Halina Rice explores her work in the live immersive space.



Andy Kerr (Bowers & Wilkins) is joined by acclaimed musician Bernard Butler and a range of other artists and experts, to explore the ‘other sides’ to immersive audio. With Bernard Butler,  Halina Rice (artist), Michael Neidus (Demon Music Group), Dan Mackta (Qobuz) and Glen Andrew Brown (composer, artist, producer).

What actually is immersive audio? Mike Hillier (Metropolis) breaks it down clearly, including a potted history, what different brands now exist in the space, and why now could be an interesting time to explore all things immersive.  

Jane Gillard (Dolby Atmos) shares an update from the brand, before presenting a panel of Dolby Atmos Producers.

Myles Clarke (Dolby Atmos) is joined by a panel of Atmos producers, Mike HillierPrash Mistry and Ali Staton, exploring what the mixing and mastering process entails, how much it would cost labels per track, what formats are required, and why they’re engaging in the space.

Richard Burki, (Future Phonic Studios) closes the event with a call to action for creatives and rightsholders to see what would happen if they ‘immersive first’.

The House That Rap Built

28th September 2022

Watch the first panel 'Cultural Force of Rap' here. 

Panelist David Boyle delves further into the cultural force of rap with his blog - Six Useful Truths about UK Rap here and a deep-dive report into the UK Hip-Hop market by audience strategies here.

Watch the third panel 'DJ Semtex: Conversations with Cookie Pryce' here.

Watch the final panel 'The House That Rap Built' here.

Read further insights from panelist Jacqueline Springer here.

Watch the second panel 'Take The World here.

What can the wider music industry learn from the growing successes of UK Rap? Find out here.

Watch the fourth panel 'DJ Semtex: Conversations with 2K Management' here.

Let's Talk About: Shortform Video

25th July 2022

Read about the Insight Session in full from our Innovation Manager, Amalie Briden here!

Watch the Shortform Video Insight Session in full here.

Here is a snippet from the webinar focused on how to succeed with shortform video.

Watch a short snippet of the Shortform Video Insight Session here.

Here is a snippet from the webinar focused on how to take the burden off the artist when working on shortform video.