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About The BPI

The BPI represents the UK’s recorded music industry, which is one of the most exciting and thriving music sectors in the world. British artists account for one in eight albums purchased by fans around the globe.
Substantial proceeds from both shows go to The BRIT Trust – the charitable arm of the BPI – which has donated over £25 million to charitable causes nationwide since its foundation in 1989.

As a trade body, we champion the interests of our membership which includes over 500 record labels and associate members, including independents across the UK and Universal Music UK, Sony Music Entertainment UK and Warner Music UK. Together, the BPI’s members account for 85% of all music sold in the United Kingdom.

The BPI organises The annual BRIT Awards with Mastercard show, The Mercury Prize for 'Album of the Year' and the Classic BRIT Awards show.

The BPI co-owns The Official Charts in a joint venture with the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA). The Official Charts is responsible for the commissioning, distribution, marketing and promotion of the UK’s industry standard music and video charts and sales data.

The BRIT Awards with Mastercard


Launched in 1977, the BRIT Awards with Mastercard are the annual showcase for the UK music industry. The organising company BRIT Awards Limited, is a fully owned subsidiary of the BPI. Both the BRITs and sister event the Classic BRIT Awards celebrate not just the biggest successes in music but also operate as an important platform to introduce and promote new talent. Substantial proceeds from both shows go to the BRIT Trust, the charitable arm of the BPI that has donated over £28 Million to charitable causes nationwide, since its foundation in 1989.

The Mercury Prize


Founded in 1992, The Mercury Prize promotes the best of UK and Irish music and the artists who produce it. This is done primarily through the celebration of the 12 ‘Albums of the Year’.

The Mercury Prize for 'Album of the Year' is the music equivalent to the Booker Prize for literature and the Turner Prize for art.

The main objectives of the Prize are to provide a snapshot of the year in music, to encourage debate and discussion about music, and to help introduce new albums from a variety of musical genres to a wider audience.

The BRIT Trust


The BRIT Trust was established in 1989 by UK record labels and the wider music community. Its founding mission was to draw on the transformative power of music and the arts to do good and to enable positive pathways for young people of all backgrounds - recognising that this can best be achieved by embracing accessibility, diversity and inclusion as key values.

BPI Parental Guidance Scheme

The Parental Guidance stickers are to be used to give warnings to the young where necessary under the BPI Potentially Offensive Content scheme.

A copy of the guidance is available for download, or contact: The BPI legal team

Get It Right From A Genuine Site


Get It Right From A Genuine Site, or Get It Right for short, is a Government-backed educational campaign which aims to support the UK’s creative industry by helping to reduce copyrighted material being shared through peer-to-peer networks without permission.