For the second instalment of our ‘LA Sync Mission: Don’t Miss!’ series, we hear from Michael Kurtz, Head of Music at Cutting Edge Group  and Music.Film who will be moderating the panel 'The World of Trailer Music' on Wednesday 14 September, 9:30am.

Hi Michael! Introduce yourself and your role within the sync industry.

My name is Michael Kurtz. I was born in Jerusalem, raised in The Netherlands, and started my career in London working on campaigns such as the Music+Sound award-winning trailers for The Theory of Everything and Amy. I moved to LA eight years ago and I am currently working as the head of music at Cutting Edge Group and Music.Film. I provide music supervision, custom score, and existing music from our catalog to companies such as NBCUniversal, Apple, Netflix, Warner Bros., Amazon, Nike, Disney, etc. This includes coming up with music concepts and executing on big advertising and trailer campaigns through collaboration with studios, agencies, and brands.

Can you share any previews of some of the themes and topics you are looking to cover in your panel at the LA Sync Mission.

I would like to give participants at the LA Sync Mission a chance to familiarize themselves with the inner workings of the trailer world, get to know some of the best practices, and give them a general overview of what people in that industry are looking for. The topics we will cover include pitching do’s and don’ts, how trailer music is typically sourced, and how it gets used.

And finally, what are you most looking forward to at LA Sync 2022?

Hearing everyone’s experiences, sharing and exchanging knowledge/viewpoints about the industry, and having a great time with good company!