We've teamed up with W!ZARD Radio Station, the leading online teen radio station, dedicated to playing your favourite music before you know it. WR are picking a track from emerging UK talent every week that they predict will make it big to showcase here, on the BPI blog.

We've teamed up with W!ZARD Radio Station, the leading online teen radio station, dedicated to playing your favourite music before you know it. WR are picking a track from emerging UK talent every week that they predict will make it big to showcase here, on the BPI blog.

#001 'Island' x Violet Skies

Whilst a new wave of electro-pop is taking over the music scene, from artists such as Justin Bieber to the Swedish and Nordic offerings of the likes of Tove Lo and Astrid S, one artist can say for sure that she’s been here for the long-haul.

The singer-songwriter from Wales seamlessly delivers on all fronts in this new song which is less about islands and more about the need to be loved. It’s electrifying and stands ‘Islands’ and, by the extension, Violet Skies out as genuinely one of the most exciting and freshest pop entries this year.

#002 - 'More Than This' x Henry Green

Combining bedroom beats with a relaxing, visceral voice, the Bristol-born artist has gained popularity on Spotify recently after single “Closer” reached 1M streams on the platform, after “Barcelona” passed 2M. However, it’s the more romantic “More Than This” which catches our attention.

In front of dreamy, indie beats, Henry Green brings all the vibes as he sings about how his lover can go anywhere they want to, knowing that he will be by their side. The 21 year old sings with the experience of a wise man, but with the innocence of, to be fair, a 21 year old.

Filling a much needed gap now that the sun is out, Henry Green is definitely on the way to More Than This.

#003 - 'Drown The Lovers' x RITUALS

There are very few artists who make music that can genuinely stop you in your tracks. British-based electronic group R I T U A L  do just that

Having first appeared in 2015 with debut EP “The Fall”, the group first grabbed our attention with the somewhat soothing “Bottle Tops”, featuring singer Mononoke, who has since been welcomed as a permanent fixture of the group. However, it is latest single “Drown The Lovers” which has us breathless.

The cinematic, almost hypnotic, song explores an alternative reality where you can forget all those who did you wrong, as if you aren’t impacted by past grievances. There’s a hopeful innocence - only shadowed by powerful vocals.

#004 - 'Runaway' x Josh Wheatley

Debut single “Runaway” shows Wheatley’s skill of combining chilling lyrics with upbeat, alternative/indie-pop rhythms and beats. In the tune, the Nottingham-based talent sings about escaping any fears that you may face – as you can imagine, in classic pop fashion, love is mentioned quite a lot.

The combination of his acoustic guitar, seamlessly appearing alongside Oh Wonder-esque pop beats, only brings his heartbreakingly relatable lyrics to the forefront. In two words: It’s stunning (or three, if you dislike the abbreviation)

#005 - 'Stereo' x New Portals

The Northern Irish husband and wife duo make music which forces you to stand up and express yourself. 'Stereo' sings, "I don't care what you're doing, just keep doing it with me" and it's at that moment that the ambient electro-pop fades away and... the drop.

Perhaps what makes New Portals most exciting is that, in their independence, they do not restrict themselves with barriers. Whilst sharing the same synth-pop mood, in comparison to other singles 'Cages' and 'Groove Boy', for example, 'Stereo' is a very different angle, just as those two songs are to each other.

New Portals' unique creativity brings excitement and unexpected twists to pop music, with one main over-arching feature: Every song is amazing.

#006 - 'Waiting Here' x Jake Isaac

Jake Isaac's voice is somewhat husky, but equally soulful. In ‘Waiting Here’, our favourite song by him so far, he keeps you holding on, at each bridge you expect a Chainsmokers-esque drop but instead he gives you a beat and keeps playing his guitar. Totally in control.

It’s rare to hear a voice and then get genuinely excited by what might happen next. With ‘Waiting Here’, Jake Isaac becomes that exception.

#007 - 'Somewhere Good' x Liv Dawson

Latest single 'Somewhere Good' explores a love that has been lost. Dawson sings about how she puts her faith in her partner to, "bring us back from wherever we've gone…. to fix the mess I've made".

As with many of her releases, 'Somewhere Good' perfectly shows how Dawson's vocal maturity paired with her youthful innocence is laying the path to making Liv Dawson a truly household name.

#008 - 'Prey' x Stevie Parker

Hailing from Bristol, the singer-songwriter verges on the edge of pop and ‘whatever-you-call-that-really-soulful-type-of-pop’. Think Adele, only not Adele. Perhaps London Grammar? Not really. Basically, she’s in a league of her own.

On ‘Prey’ (taken from her debut album out this Friday), Stevie Parker sets up a revenge plot. Singing, “If you don’t stay this time, I’ll make you pay”, it tells the story of a love getting lost - and how far you may be willing to go to save something irreparable.

With a fresh voice, a fresh look, and a very exciting few months ahead, Stevie Parker need not to worry about losing love - she’s about to get a lot of it from critics when more music comes.

#009 - 'Unconditional' x Nick Mulvey

When we first heard Nick Mulvey’s soft tones in 2014, with his break-out single ‘Fever To The Form’, immediately we were introduced to a genuine, authentic artist who produced moving music. 

In new single ‘Unconditional’, his first release since 2014’s Cucurucu, Mulvey sings about how – despite anything which may get in their way – love is ultimately what prevails in this game of life. Love is love, and that’s important to remember. 

As with Mulvey’s previous releases, it mixes the campfire-esque acoustic guitar riffs with drums and a melody which you can imagine a large audience singing along to. Truly proving, once again but three years later, that Mulvey’s talents are undisputed and unconditional.