The BPI, the representative voice for the UK’s world-leading recorded music sector, today announces that its BPI Music & Tech Springboard Programme is to partner with MusicTech Japan.

The BPI Insights and Innovation team strives to be at the cutting edge of global music tech. It set up its Music & Tech Springboard Programme in May 2020 to attract the best and most exciting new music-tech startups in the UK and from around the world to work alongside the UK's world-leading recorded music industry.  MusicTech Japan was established to pursue similar goals in Japan.

The new partnership will enable the BPI’s Music & Tech Springboard Programme to expand its scope by now also working with cutting-edge Japanese music startups in the UK. The partnership will act as a pathway for Japanese tech startups that are looking to add value to the UK music industry.  The new relationship will also pave the way for future collaborations across Japan for the BPI’s existing Music Tech innovation members.

Among the BPI Music & Tech Springboard Programme members who will be taking part in future activity are Abbey Road Red, Innovate UK, Marathon Labs, Rock Paper Scissors, Russells Solicitors, and UK Black Tech.

Amalie Biden, the BPI’s Innovation Manager, said: “The great success of recorded music is ultimately one of talent and technology, and of innovation and investment, being brought together by record labels in the most compelling way.  That’s why our Music & Tech Springboard Programme fulfils such an important function, and why partnerships such as the one announced with MusicTech Japan will have an increasingly important role to play in the global market.”

Takayuki Suzuki , Managing Director MusicTech Japan, said: “We are very proud to be in partnership with the BPI Music & Tech Springboard. The music ecosystem has never been more driven by technology, so I have been inspired in the way the BPI Music & Tech Springboard is leading this innovation as key player in the industry. We look forward to developing the collaboration. “