The BPI, the representative voice for independent and major record labels across the UK, welcome its members to its latest BPI Insight Session: The House That Rap Built, which will shine a spotlight on UK Rap.

Presented in association with BPI official partner Bowers & Wilkins, this edition takes place on Wednesday 28th September from 3.30pm – both as an in-person event at Metropolis Studios and as a live stream. 

The BPI Insight Session is free for BPI Members. Tickets can be accessed here.

This edition of the BPI Insight Sessions will be the first in the series to focus on a genre analysis. Through a series of conversations it will explore the beginnings of UK Rap, the story of how it found its own sound, from those who were there. It will look at the huge commercial and export potential for UK Rap, and question what the recorded music industry can and should do, to support and champion UK talent. 

Panels & Discussions:

The House That Rap Built:

Jacqueline Springer (Curator, Africa & Diaspora: Performance, V&A) is joined by Glyn Aikins (President, Since '93) in the first of a new BPI / V&A series, focusing on the stories of those who built UK Rap, the lessons learned, the experiences gained, and how it has led us to where we are today. 

The Cultural Force of Rap:

David Boyle (Director, Audience Strategies), Michelle Yeun (Business Development Manager, Chartmetric) and Jeremiah Gogo (Head of Data and A&R Analytics, Atlantic Records) join forces to share the insights and data around UK Rap. Where is it going, what's the trajectory?

Take The World:

Dej Mahoney (Director, All Our Business) invites a panel of invited guests to discuss the commercial and market opportunities of UK Rap. What has UK Rap done differently?

What legacy has this had on future artists? What opportunities are there for branding and partnerships - including in the metaverse? With Wale Kalejaiye (Associate, Music Group, SheridansDanny Fahey, Creative Director (Thirty Pound Gentleman), Jess Monroe Slater, (Director Music Partnerships, Soga World) and Matt Ross, who has a wide ranging background across labels, and who is currently leading the advisory board to Don’t Sleep, an independent UK music venture encompassing records, management and publishing.

DJ Semtex: Conversations:

DJ Semtex (DJ, A&R, Producer, broadcaster, Hip Hop Raised Me/ Director Artist Development, Sony Music UK) is joined by Cookie Pryce (Artist), to talk about her journey and experience as a British rap artist, and her journey from being an artist to her current role, supporting and breaking new talent. Cookie has a phenomenal story to tell, and this is the time to tell it.

BPI would like to extend a special thank you to Cookie, Jasmine Dotiwala, Jacqueline Springer , DJ Semtex and our EJAG Steering Group for their support and guidance.

The BPI’s Insight Sessions typically explore the intersection of music, technology, popular culture and social trends, and the resulting implications for the music industry and its consumers.  Since 2020, the Insight Sessions have been presented in association with BPI official partner Bowers & Wilkins, with over twenty stimulating sessions being hosted since its inception in 2014, including some jointly with Music Ally and with the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA). Previous sessions have focused on subjects as wide ranging as In Car Entertainment, Blockchain, Virtual RealityArtificial IntelligenceGeneration Z, Smart Speakers, Kids Insights, Music & Wellbeing, 10 x 10: Ten Trends for the Next Ten Years and, most recently, Shortform Video.