I’m thrilled to be November’s Caffe Nero Artist of The Month. I really love being associated with such a great brand and I am very grateful for the support they have given me and my music over the last few years.

Being Artist of the Month will mean my music being played in their stores across the UK and internationally, as well as my EP being featured on their website and Wifi login homepage, which will be invaluable exposure for the new release and getting my name out there.

I approached Caffe Nero myself a few years ago, as I knew they did live music at certain stores. Then I set up a meeting with the Head of Events who loved my music and said it really suited their brand and he suggested I send him my catalogue for their playlists.

Since then, they have been playing my songs around the country and I have done a few gigs for them at various Caffe Nero stores around London - which then led to me being offered a slot on their stage at Cornbury Festival and being involved in their Nordoff Robbins charity event.
I knew about the Artist Of the Month opportunity and asked them about it earlier this year. They were very keen to have me after my performances at their events and said it needed to be at the same time as a new release. This helped me decide to re-release my EP.

I would tell other artists like myself that it's a case of getting on the Caffe Nero radar before broaching the Artist Of The Month thing... Also the music genre has to be fitting with the brand too..

The Deluxe Edition of my EP Love It Or Leave It features ‘Family Tree’ as a bonus track. This track means a lot to me because I wrote it about my Grandma – and it was rendered even more poignant by the sudden death of my co-writer last year.