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We publish reports regularly, based on insights from the recorded music sector, and cover a range of issues including topics covered in our Insight Sessions, exports, and genre-specific research. Our annual yearbook, 'All About The Music', is published each Spring, and is available for free for BPI members, and can be purchased by non-BPI members here

Our latest report is from our April 2021 Insight Session, and is titled '10X10: Trends For Music's Next Decade'.

All Around The World, published February 2021.

BPI Insight Session - Reality Check: AR, VR and SR Meet The Music Industry, published December 2020.

BPI Insight Session - Feeling Good - Music, Wellbeing & Technology, published October 2020.

The Classical Revival: A report from BPI, Deezer and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, published August 2020. 

BPI & ERA Insight Session - New Kids on the Block, published July 2020.

BPI & ERA Insight Session - Serving the Superfans, published May 2020. 

Music Export Growth Scheme Impact Report 2019, published February 2020.




BPI Insight Session - Two Can Play That Game (Music + Gaming & Esports), published January 2020. 




BPI Insight Session - Pod Only Knows - What's Next for Music & Podcasts, published June 2019.

BPI Insight Session - The New Promotion - How To Win Fans & Influence People, published April 2019.

BPI & ERA Insight Session - Long Player: Defining the Role of the Album in the Streaming Era, published December 2018.

BPI & ERA Insight Session - Magic Numbers - How Can Data & Analytics Really Help the Music Industry, published July 2018.

BPI & ERA Insight Session - Everybody's Talkin' - Smart Speakers and Their Impact on Music Consumption, published March 2018

BPI & ERA Insight Session - Gen Z - Meet The Young Millennials, published June 2017