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We publish reports regularly, based on insights from the recorded music sector, and cover a range of issues including topics covered in our Insight Sessions, exports, and genre-specific research. Our annual yearbook, 'All About The Music', is published each Spring, and is available for free for BPI members, and can be purchased by non-BPI members here



'The New Music Democracy: How More Artists Are Succeeding From Streaming' - published April 2023

An unparalleled and the most comprehensive overview yet of music streaming in the UK last year, when the market hit a record 159.3 billion audio streams, representing an unprecedented 86.1% of recorded music consumption in the UK. The report draws on Official Charts Company data from the UK, as well as global streaming data from Luminate to track how UK artists fared overseas.

BPI Insight Session: Match of The Day - The Intersection of Music and Sport

BPI Insight Session - 'Match Of The Day: The Intersection of Music and Sport', published December 2021

BPI Insight Session - 'Tellin' Stories: The Art Of Building & Maintaining Artist Legacies', published August 2021

BPI Insight Session - 'Tellin' Stories: The Art Of Building & Maintaining Artist Legacies', published August 2021.

BPI Insight Session - '10X10: Trends For Music's Next Decade', published April 2021.

All Around The World, published February 2021.

BPI Insight Session - Reality Check: AR, VR and SR Meet The Music Industry, published December 2020.

BPI Insight Session - Feeling Good - Music, Wellbeing & Technology, published October 2020.

The Classical Revival: A report from BPI, Deezer and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, published August 2020. 

BPI & ERA Insight Session - New Kids on the Block, published July 2020.

BPI & ERA Insight Session - Serving the Superfans, published May 2020. 

Music Export Growth Scheme Impact Report 2019, published February 2020.




BPI Insight Session - Two Can Play That Game (Music + Gaming & Esports), published January 2020. 




BPI Insight Session - Pod Only Knows - What's Next for Music & Podcasts, published June 2019.

BPI Insight Session - The New Promotion - How To Win Fans & Influence People, published April 2019.

BPI & ERA Insight Session - Long Player: Defining the Role of the Album in the Streaming Era, published December 2018.

BPI & ERA Insight Session - Magic Numbers - How Can Data & Analytics Really Help the Music Industry, published July 2018.

BPI & ERA Insight Session - Everybody's Talkin' - Smart Speakers and Their Impact on Music Consumption, published March 2018

BPI & ERA Insight Session - Gen Z - Meet The Young Millennials, published June 2017