The BRIT Awards 2023 with Mastercard today launch two new episodes of The Red Carpet Treatment, featuring chart-topping DJ and producer Joel Corry and singer-songwriter Gracey.

The series is hosted by one of the UK’s most important YouTube creators and influencers, Nella Rose, and is recorded in a specially made Red Carpet studio. In each episode pop stars walk and talk about their journey to one of the most iconic fashion and celebrity moments of the year - The BRIT Awards Red Carpet. Nella will discuss with her guests their personal journeys to pop stardom;  the songs, the friendships, the clothes and the emotions as they arrive at The O2 Arena for one of the most important milestones in their career.

This brand new podcast was launched last week with episodes from Ella Henderson and Ms Banks; later episodes will feature Jordan Stephens, A1 x J1 and RAYE.

Check out the new episodes HERE, available across podcast platforms, with video episodes available on The BRITs’ YouTube channel.

JOEL CORRY EPISODE 3 - Joel talks to Nella about touring America, collaborating with Tom Grennan, Becky Hill and Raye, working on the remix for Elton John and Britney Spears’ single ‘Hold Me Closer’,  taking his family to The BRIT Awards, DJing at Love Island parties, learning how to DJ and more.

On missing a phone call from Sir Elton John…

“So, I'm literally DJing in the middle of Ibiza Rocks. Yeah, mid-set beats are flowing, I mean I am in the groove…my phone is next to my decks and I suddenly see a number popping up ringing that I didn't recognise…phoning from America. Then by the end of my set, my tour manager came up behind me and when he wrote it on his phone, yeah, and he was like, Sir Elton John is trying to call you. I went, ‘Oh my God. I've just missed Elton John's called me’. I was a bit wavy, do you know what I mean, had a few vodka cokes so I was like ‘shut up bruv’, I thought he was joking. But anyway, got back to my apartment. Sir Elton called me and we had the best time ever.”

On making the music video (for the ‘Hold Me Closer’ remix) and a potential future collaboration…

“We then ended up shooting a music video for the remix, a really cool video. It was like a lot of dancers emulating classic Britney Spears music videos like the ‘Toxic’ music video and, and ‘Baby One More Time’ and then also, the male dancers were wearing some like Elton John iconic outfits from the years, so it was a really cool concept of a music video. Yeah, and onset when we're filming this video, Elton John FaceTimes me on set. So good vibes, because everyone like could see everyone's buzzing to see him and yeah, so then after the FaceTime, I then flew back to America, because I'll do my tour out there and I actually had a date in Vancouver in Canada and…right on the night I was DJing [in Vancouver], Elton John was having his concert in Vancouver. So, my management reached out and were like, let's meet. So, I went and actually met him at his concert in his dressing room.”

“It was a proper pinch myself moment and you know what though? He's just the nicest, chilled guy and yeah, we've properly clicked as well…we even talked about doing music together because he's a big fan of dance music  - he told me to listen to dance music in the shower every morning.”

“He's properly got his ear to the ground with new music as well…his passion for music is amazing…the whole experience was great. Who knows man, next year 2023 Joel Corry and Elton John the banger might be coming…I know he's going to Australia for Christmas. But he said when he gets back from Australia wants to get in the studio. So fingers crossed.”

On DJing for Love Islanders:

“I was out in Ibiza, I got a phone call, and it was like, we are throwing a Love Island pool party. We'd love you to come and DJ, drop some tracks, so I was like, yeah, definitely….they hadn't really been out at all or hadn’t had any music or had a party yet so they wouldn't like, let their hair down and…the police shut it down because I was playing music too loud. That's a true story….but it was enough for them because they hadn’t gone out at all, so they were just happy to have anything.”

GRACEY EPISODE 4 - Gracey talks to Nella about collaborating with Jax Jones and Martin Solveig, undergoing vocal surgery, moving from songwriting to performing, fangirling over Taylor Swift, writing her first song at 7 years old, writing with Kylie Minogue and more.

On enjoying Taylor Swift’s sad songs and how it made her appreciate connecting with fans as an artist…

“Music is everything to me…say for example, I'm going through a breakup. The first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go look for the ‘breakup songs’ -  like, I'm already sad, but I want to make it worse…it's like when Taylor released Folklore. I literally would weep in my bed…listening to ‘This Is Me Trying’. “

“Then when I was at the BRIT Awards, after COVID…and bear in mind, this album got me through some bad months…I'm sitting there at the table. And literally like, right to my left was Taylor Swift.

There's nothing I could have said to explain to her how much her music had helped me through that period. And…that’s what I think when I think of, like, any of my fans, however many or small amount of them there are like, if there's a human out there that has connected to you through your music that is like the most honest thing that you could say and put into the world like, that is so magical, knowing how it feels not only as like, a fan of music, but as an artist… I think that's what I love so much about being an artist instead of a songwriter.”