Returning for its second round, The BRITs Apprenticeship Scheme officially launched this week with talented successful applicants taking their positions at music companies across the UK.

The BRITs Apprentice Scheme is providing up to ten people from England and Northern Ireland with a paid opportunity to work at an independent record label or music company where they can learn about the recorded music industry, receive practical ‘hands on’ experience, develop relevant skills, and make contacts.

Apprenticeships are an important way to help bring in new and diverse talent into the industry and are in line with the Government’s commitment to education, skills and training. 

The Scheme was devised by labels association the BPI and is being supported in large part by The BRIT Trust through funds raised through The BRIT Awards, with the remainder coming from participating companies.

Diversity recruitment specialists, DiVA, ran the recruitment process for the BPI and will also deliver regular training that they have designed, as well as manage the day-to-day operation of the programme.

The announcement of the 2019 Scheme generated a great response, with 900 applications received for the openings.  A number of candidates have been taken on by companies in London, whilst a further five have been recruited to work in Belfast, Bristol, Buckinghamshire, Sheffield and Wolverhampton.  See Notes.

The BRITs Apprentices have already received induction training and will be supported with ongoing training over the course of the programme.  Music companies drawn from across the vibrant independent community – ranging from record labels and digital distributors to music management and app developers – have each taken on an apprentice, as follows:

Absolute Label Services – Label Services Assistant Apprentice (London)

  • Bridget Branagan-Freeman

Asian Arts Agency – Junior Content Producer Apprentice (Bristol)

  • Aashi Sonu Gahlot

BMG – Junior Content Producer Apprentice (London)

  • Sebastian Herridge-Cade
  • Leona Lescault

Champion Sound – Junior Content Producer Apprentice (Belfast)

  • Benjamin Mangee

Fire Records – Operations Assistant Apprentice (London)

  • Lucia Weinrichter

One Media IP – Junior Creative Technician Apprentice (Bucks)

  • Kathyrn Brewer

Revolver Music – Product Manager Apprentice (Wolverhampton)

  • Dominic Adam Smith

Please note that Kycker will be taking on an apprentice at a slightly later date and will be announced in due course.

BRITs Apprentice Scheme apprentice Aashi Gahlot, taken on by Asian Arts Agency, said: “Immediately, from the very first day we have had the opportunity to meet inspirational figures from the music industry. To hear their experiences and knowledge is invaluable to any person wanting to give their best, and the Scheme provides this support.

I am really excited to be a part of the BRITs Apprentice Scheme. I love South Asian music. Having the chance to work and learn with Asian Arts Agency means I will be getting first-hand experience on what it takes to be one of the leading South Asian music agencies in the UK, who are dedicated to developing, promoting and supporting South Asian Arts. I aspire to gain skills in content production, artist management and insights into how the industry works. The BPI and DiVA have an inspired vision to help young people to live what they love to do - and this is clearly implemented through the Scheme. I found the process supportive and inspiring. Amazing things happen when people believe in people.”

Jonny Halliday, Label Manager at one of the participating music companies, Fire Records, said: “We’re really excited to be a part of the BRITs Apprentice Scheme 2019. We are happy to welcome our BRITs Apprentice Lucia to Fire Records. Out of a selection of great candidates from DiVA, we’ve got a fantastic new member of the team and look forward to working with them, the BPI and DiVA in developing their skills and knowledge.”

Geoff Taylor, Chief Executive BPI & BRIT Awards, said of the Scheme at its announcement in January: “We’re delighted with how well-received the Scheme has been in its first year and pleased to announce its return for a second round.  The BRITs and BPI is committed to reflecting and promoting diversity across the music industry and this Scheme is an important way in which we can open up new opportunities for young people from all backgrounds who want to pursue a career in this exciting business.

He now adds: “We congratulate all the BRITs Apprentices on their appointment and extend our very best wishes in the fervent hope they will gain a valuable and rewarding experience that, in turn, will help provide the foundation of a career in the music industry.”

Arit Eminue, Director DiVA, said: “We are delighted The BRIT Trust and BPI have decided to support the BRITs Apprentice Scheme for a second year. The scheme is a stepping stone for new talent who ordinarily would have found it difficult to enter into the music industry. The first cohort have benefitted from a year-long, paid, meaningful work placement and training delivered by industry practitioners, all of which will stand them in good stead for the future.”