Following on from the recent BPI and ERA Insight Session held in association with Music Ally and Kids Insights, which focused on the role of young people in music consumption, we are pleased to share the accompanying report, which can be accessed here.

The report looks at the role of technology and online platforms, and how listening habits are continuing to evolve with the development of new apps, including the likes of TikTok. It also focuses on how children interact with music, looking at how it becomes more important to young people as they become teenagers. Finally, it looks to the future, and discusses the ever-changing consumer power of young people within a family unit.

Held in July, the joint Insight Session, attended by several hundred people, was the second virtual Insight Session from BPI & ERA, and included contributions from individuals working within world of children and music, from organisations such as Spotify Kids, Sony Music UK, Roblox, SuperAwesome, TikTok, and the team at Kids Insights.

The report can be downloaded  here.