In the final edition of our ‘LA Sync Mission: Don’t Miss!’ series, we hear from Kristina Benson, Director of Sweet On Top, who will be moderating the panel ‘Sync in Advertising’ on Monday 12 September at 15:15.

Hi Kristina! Introduce yourself and your role within the sync industry

I'm the Director of the publisher and sync licensing agency Sweet On Top. We're proud to publish and/or pitch a variety of contemporary and vintage labels and have recently landed some great placements that we're quite excited about! In the short time since we have opened our doors, Sweet On Top has landed placements with high quality brands such as Apple, Michael Kors, Simple Mills, Vogue, and St. Regis, promotions for the Olympics and Songland, and in award winning television shows including Station 19, Grey’s Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, Riverdale, All Rise, Firefly Lane, High Fidelity, Ray Donovan and the Blacklist. You can learn more about us on our website, I also work closely with the Guild of Music Supervisors’ education committee, and am a board member of the California Copyright Conference.

Can you share any previews of some of the themes and topics you are looking to cover in your panel at the LA Sync Mission.

Sync in advertising has changed even since I got involved in sync back in 2013. We'll discuss what these changes are, and what they mean for artists and labels. Also, we'll talk about what can best position an artist or label for sync success. 

And finally, What are you most looking forward to in LA Sync 2022?

Reconnecting with all the wonderful people I met back in 2019 and making new friends across the pond!