In the first of our ‘LA Sync Mission: Don’t Miss!’ series, we hear from Andy Ross, Creative Director & COO of Exit Strategy and Creator of One Stop Jazz Collective, who will be joining the panel 'Film Music Supervision' on Monday 12 September, 10am.

Hi Andy! Introduce yourself and your role within the sync industry.

My name is Andy Ross, I was born across the Mersey from Liverpool and cut my teeth in the UK many moons ago working for Courtyard Management (Radiohead & Supergrass). I moved to LA 20 years ago as an artist manager and had success placing my roster's music in shows such as 'Grey's Anatomy' (theme song), 'CSI' (season finale) and 'Breaking Bad'. I moved into music supervision and have worked on over 150 films and TV shows. I also run a sync agency called One Stop Jazz Collective and own a music services and production company called Exit Strategy.

Can you share any previews of some of the themes and topics you are looking to discuss in your panel at the LA Sync Mission.

I want to illustrate the importance of Sync Agents and Music Placement Companies within the film and TV community as aggregators and quality controllers of great music. The aim is to familiarize the UK participants with the workings of Hollywood by explaining the chain from artist to sync agent to music supervisor to director and how best to form relationships with companies and creatives whilst educating on the 'do's' and 'don'ts'.

And finally, what are you most looking forward to at LA Sync 2022?

Sharing my knowledge and experience of Hollywood with my fellow countrywomen and men and downing a few ales and laughs with other music lovers.