If You Can Speak, You Can Sing is my first book about singing and vocal technique, and to accompany the book I’ve put together an exciting, inspiring multimedia package of recordings and videos to demonstrate what the techniques are and how they benefit young people in so many areas.

Although many of my professional singing clients have found the techniques in this book invaluable, this first book is primarily for secondary school students, teachers, beginners and intermediate singers as well as for parents.

And as well as the science and technique, I’ve included relevant personal stories and experiences that people of all ages can relate to.

What to expect from the Tasks and Exercises

  • Help with projection – speech and singing
  • Help with becoming a better, more confident singer/performer.
  • Help for students focusing on Mathematics, English and studying for exams.
  • Help with interviews and public speaking

What to expect from the Stories

  • Overcoming Personal Struggles
  • Managing Negativity and Egos
  • Coping with Conflicts and Chaos
  • Facing the Unexpected

As I started writing this book, the concept for the book began to change and evolve as new and unexpected ideas emerged. I started to ask myself all sorts of questions; not just about the voice in general but also about my personal experiences and what my voice meant to me. I’ll admit the thought of delving into some of this stuff was a little bit scary, but I knew it was something I needed to explore further, so I started writing something that was much more personal to me; not just as a vocal and motivational coach, but also as a mother, a sister, a daughter, and even as a human being. I am someone who, like many people have at times, felt vulnerable, disappointed, disillusioned and hurt. Someone who’d fallen from a great height and almost lost her voice forever… but ultimately I learned to fly again because of that voice.

Ok, so some of my questions had answers, but others didn’t. This was something that was going to unfold before my eyes. As well as the triumphs that I’ve experienced I was going to have to look at the failures and the mistakes to get the full picture – because those are the things that makes us human and the things we learn from. This was going to be my “real book” – a book about the power and importance of each and every person’s voice: of speech and singing… and of course music.

Don’t get me wrong, the principles, lessons and exercises within this book are vital, but in sharing my personal journey and experiences – not just as a teacher but as a dreamer, a lover of music, its history, and the inner creativity it inspires – I want this to be more than just a book about vocal technique. I want to see confidence and creativity flourish in schools, colleges, hospitals and just about everywhere else. I want to inspire and hopefully educate singers and non-singers to become the next generation of teachers that stand in front of a classroom. We all teach each other without even realising it.   

I’ve launched a new music therapy initiative called POWER OF MUZIK which empowers and inspires young people going through hard times. Power Of Muzik uses music therapy techniques and powerful messaging within their music to educate young people, and has worked with the likes of Vanessa Feltz, Ben Ofoedu, Diana Vickers. A collective of singers who have performed at top UK music events throughout 2018 and now 2019. These performers have included the national UK Steps Tour, Brighton Pride, Fusion Festival, ad recently All Saints Tour and the Boyzone Tour 2019. I have had my collective singers as well as myself visiting directly to students in schools across the UK.

If You Can Speak You Can Sing is available today for £10 from Amazon.co.uk and CCA-Entertainment.com. State schools across the country are able to order a copy for free for use in their library.