I started out song writing when I was about 6 years old, but it wasn't until a music teacher encouraged me to start recording at about 12 or maybe 13 years old that I started thinking about doing it more seriously.

I moved to Spain at 14 and started finding producers to work with and recording my own songs in my bedroom over the years, then at 18 I decided to move to London to study music at BIMM. It was whilst attending university in London that I began my artist project, and really started to discover the type of music and sounds that inspired me to experiment more with my own sound.

TuneCore was a great tool for me early on to release my own music and learn about the industry at my own pace. I later joined the Aspire program, a joint venture between TuneCore and Believe, and started distributing via Believe which meant a more hands on approach to releasing with a product manager and support team to provide more direction and funding as well as pitching for playlists any many other services etc. This made it easier for me to build relationships with curators who began to include my music more frequently on the major platforms such as Spotify, Apple and Deezer to name a few.

I feel like one of the best benefits of this approach has been that it's allowed me to be part of the learning process every step of the way as a modern artist, deciding where the money goes and where to invest time enabling me to learn as I go. Believe have been there to support my vision and help me grow at my own pace, whilst still maintaining total artistic control and also being allowed space for mistakes, which I think are crucial to any artist's growth. It's an invaluable tool today to be able to understand not only your craft but your field as well and all whilst being able to learn these things in an empowered way has been the most helpful thing for me on my journey.

I've had a slow but steady progress in the industry nurtured by a growing team and support network which I've kept adding to over the years, and therefore I feel like the contacts I've made and any accomplishments achieved have happened in a natural and sustainable way.

Learn more about TuneCore's Aspire program here.