Read the UK Music Diversity Report here

Read the UK Music Diversity Report here

Record labels association the BPI welcomes the results of the 2020 UK Music Diversity Taskforce Survey and the launch of an accompanying 10-Point Plan to address key areas that still require pressing action.

Results from the third biennial survey announced by the UK Music Diversity Taskforce, which included a high level of participation by UK record labels, show some encouraging signs of continuing positive change – which build on the gradual improvements highlighted by earlier surveys.  However, there are still a number of key areas to address as a matter of priority, not least the continuing lack of proportionate representation for women and executives of colour at the most senior corporate and industry levels.

The BPI, which also draws on the advice of its BPI Equality & Justice Advisory Group – formerly The BRITs Diversity Advisory Group – has signed up to the 10-Point Plan and the range of commitments it entails to more actively promote equality and inclusion within the music industry.

Geoff Taylor, Chief Executive BPI, BRIT Awards & Mercury Prize, said:

“We promoted this survey strongly to our membership, since it shines a powerful light on whether progress is being made promoting equality of opportunity and inclusion in labels, and right across our industry. While there is some good news to welcome, in particular it is clear that we have more to do to ensure proportionate representation of women and executives of colour at the most senior levels. The BPI has signed up to the 10-point plan so that, working together, our industry can deliver lasting and meaningful change.”

Ged Doherty, BPI Chairman and Co-Chair of the BPI Equality and Justice Advisory Group, said:

“The Diversity Survey, just like our own work to refresh The BRITs Voting Academy in 2016, shows how vitally important data is to the process of change – enabling you to better identify and understand what needs to be fixed and then tracking any progress against this.  But that’s only half the story – you then need a clear plan of action to address what the data is telling you, and the 10 Point Plan does that.”   

Read the UK Music Diversity Report here