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Sign up to the event here

The Department for International Trade (DIT) in association with AIM, the BPI and the MPA present a webinar giving insights into Synchronisation in the Brazilian Music Industry.

The online event is scheduled to take place between 3.00pm-5.00pm GMT on Thursday, 11th November 2021 and is free to attend - tickets are available here.

Expert speakers will discuss the role of the music supervisor in the Brazilian sync industry in the various segments of the creative industries (with a special focus on the advertising and TV & film segments) within the music industry. They will share some of their insights and case studies relating to major players in the Brazilia sync market such as Netflix, Disney Channel, Grupo Globo and much more.

Confirmed Sync Webinar Speakers See Notes for bios):

  • Vanessa Barbalat (Head of Creative & Retail - DIT) – Opening remarks
  • Mário di Poi (CEO and Founder - INPUT) – Moderator
  • Saulo von Seehausen (Sync & Licensing Manager for BMG)
  • Flávia César (Strategic, Commercial and Film Sync Licensing Manager for Warner Chappell)
  • Patrícia Portaro (Head of Music Supervision Latin America for Cuesongs)

Recorded music revenues in Brazil increased by 24.5% to US$60.4 million in 2020. With a 39.3% share of revenues, Brazil remained Latin America’s largest recorded music market, and was the 11th largest market globally. Brazil not only remained the largest market for recorded music revenues in Latin America according to the IFPI Global Music Report 2021, it was also the fastest growing of the region’s major markets.

Synchronisation is fast becoming a hugely effective way of breaking into this dynamic market and this webinar features a selection of expert speakers giving an overview and insightful knowledge of various sectors of the sync music industry there.