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BPI Training - Music Copyright Essentials & Practical - MusicAlly LH

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PLEASE NOTE THIS RESOURCE IS FOR BPI MEMBERS ONLY. You will receive an email with enrolment details at 10am on the listed start date. The Music Copyright session comprises of the following 2 modules: Music Copyright Essentials    Our ‘Music Copyright Essentials’ course is a comprehensive overview of all the key points regarding music copyright. This course is suitable for anyone in the music industry - from music artists & songwriters to managers, labels, etc. and provides a clear understanding of how copyright works. We cover the basics, such as what copyright is exactly, and what are the various types of rights in music. We also speak about collecting societies around the world and what royalties they collect, as well as different types of royalties and how they flow back to artists and rightsholders. By the end of this course, you should become familiar with the term ‘copyright’ and the concepts of identifying ownership, controlling use, and monetising music. Music Copyright Practical    Copyright is one of the most important yet misunderstood concepts within the music industry. This course will help you get a grasp of how copyright works in practice. We will cover the ways you can protect copyright and monitor and track royalty collections. Furthermore, we will look at the contractual ecosystem from different perspectives as it relates to licensing as well as key considerations in contracts and copyright infringement. PLEASE NOTE: These sessions are delivered as part of Music Ally's Learning Hub. This means that instead of logging in at a set time or coming to the BPI offices, Music Ally will be offering access to bundles of 2 modules on their Learning Hub, for a week. The reasons we think this is exciting is: It will allow you to go through the course at your own pace The video training is accompanied by slides and additional reading materials You will get a quiz to help you test your knowledge! We hope you enjoy them! T&Cs: Spaces for these modules are very limited – as they normally cost $99 to purchase individually (or $198 for a bundle). Please be respectful of this and make sure you go through the modules if you sign up for them. If not, we reserve the right to restrict your access to other learning hub courses, in order to give other people the opportunity to access these resources. Please be aware that the learning platform has piracy tracking in place: the videos and slides are just for the viewing of those registered to that module and not for wider broadcast or sharing. Please respect the copyright of Music Ally.