Dubai Expo 2021 - In the Future... How will we Create?


In the Future... How will we Create? 01 - 11 November 2021

This programme of events will explore how industry experts will harness their creative skills to solve social, technological, environmental and economic issues, and build a more sustainable future. This programme includes:


Delivered in partnership with the Royal Society of Sculptors, a sculptor will create a live artwork at the UK Pavilion which will then be displayed during the 6 months on the UK Pavilion. Visitors will be able to view the artwork being created in the Inspiration Gallery, experiencing the best of UK creativity.



Panel sessions will bring together thought leaders and industry icons to explore the role of creativity in addressing global issues. Key topics throughout the day include: 'How can creativity and technology be harnessed for good?'; 'Creating the cities of the future'; and 'What if creativity has becomes too left-brained?'


These panels will provide insights delivered by inspirational leaders exploring the role creativity plays in tackling major challenges of our time.


Student workshops

Delivered in partnership with the Royal College of Art, students will create 'A city in a day', using cardboard boxes to create and investigate the 'Four Ages' of the city.


Extraordinary Insights

Stimulating insights from inspirational leaders from the creative industries, exploring transformational cultural projects, storytelling in immersive environments and designing sustainable projects. 



A selection of high-profile sector commentators and influencers from the UK's creative industries will deliver a series of podcasts aimed at a global audience. Topics will include the relationship between art and AI, how art can transform locations and the power of animation when telling a story.