DIT Webinar - Bigger than Black Friday: How to win the big sale events in Chinese ecommerce

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More than £30 billion is spent online on imported (35%) and domestic consumer brands during China’s version of Black Friday (11 November every year, referred to as “Singles’ Day” or “11.11”).

A second shopping festival that triggers similar spend happens in June is referred to as “6.18”.

Join this webinar and hear from Chinese e-commerce experts from Avenue51 as we uncover:

- How British brands like Cow & Gate, This Works and Waitrose are operating in China.
- How they successfully win sales and market share during these festivals.
- How your business can enter China – the basic building blocks, participating in these events, and maximise sales.

Did you know?
Singles’ Day 2020 saw 2.97 billion packages delivered across China between November 11-16, according to a notice from the State Post Bureau. (Source: techcrunch.com)