DIT Sponsored Webinar - Harness The Power of Social Media in Times of Crisis - SME COVID-19 Series

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Social media networks are surging as a result of COVID-19, is your business ready to adapt? 

Is your business looking to better utilise social media? With many small businesses having to rethink their marketing strategy
 to coincide with market shifts and coronavirus (COVID-19) sensitivities, social media is becoming more crucial than ever before.

This interactive webinar is designed to help SMEs navigate through this new landscape.

Join us for guidance on creating online content, communicating and engaging with your target audience during COVID-19.  Packed with tips and insights from industry experts, this webinar will help you leverage social media channels to stay visible, stay connected and help generate potential future business.

Why should you join this webinar?

  • Understand COVID-19 trends and shifts happening on social media
  • Find out how your communication and tone need to adapt 
  • Get advice and know-how to help create engaging & relevant content  
  • Discover tech, tactics and tools to help reach your target audience
  • Learn how to analyse your social media activity to help plan your strategy
  • Find cost-effective social media tools to engage with new and existing consumers 
  • Ask our expert speakers questions live during the webinar

Who is this event for?

If you are a UK based small and medium-sized enterprise or entrepreneur looking for expert advice to manage the impacts of COVID-19, this webinar could be of great value to your business.

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