Expert advice to help adapt your sales communications, processes and strategy in the fast-changing COVID-19 landscape.


Why should you join this webinar?

Sales are the lifeline of every business. The ability to find, pitch and convert qualified leads can make or break a small business – and coronavirus (COVID-19) has now transformed the playing field.

This free webinar is designed to offer expert advice to help adapt your sales team into a new way of operating and address specific roadblocks in the process during this unprecedented period and beyond.

The needs of customers, their buying behaviours and adoption of technology have rapidly shifted across markets and industries globally. Join us to learn how to transition your business, tools and tactics to help meet your customers where they are now.

What will you learn?  

  • Learn how to sell, pitch and influence in a virtual environment 
  • Get advice to refocus your value proposition to build new sales opportunities  
  • Find out how your delivery method, communication and tone needs to shift 
  • Discover how to train and coach sales teams to deliver without face-to-face contact  
  • Hear ways to generate, nurture and convert new or existing leads 
  • Learn how to adapting to changing decision-making processes in the market  
  • Hear techniques to enable your sales teams to respond effectively 


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