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The Chilean music industry stands out for being audacious, creative, proactive and resilient, in this opportunity we invite you to meet with more than 70 representatives of different areas of the Chilean music business that will be part of the Chilean delegation in Primavera Pro 2020. Record labels, promoters, festivals, associations, representatives of public and private entities, and other agents of the Chilean industry, will be part of the first Connections to Countries.

Convinced of the importance and strength of acting as a unified bloc, working associatively, and cooperatively, we have always encouraged and facilitate networking instances to promote the production, promotion, marketing, and export of Chilean music. Also, convinced in the importance of generating alliances and long term relationships with peers from all over the world.

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There are a limited number of spaces for UK companies to book networking time with members of the Chilean music industry - please select the "General Admission UK" option on the ticket link above