BPI represents its members’ views both in the media and to political stakeholders at regional, national and European levels, to ensure that our members’ interests are understood and taken into account in public debate and in the course of policy development.

We work collaboratively with a range of organisations throughout the music and wider creative industries to ensure the future growth of the music business in the rapidly evolving technological and digital environment.

Our aim is to speak out for and champion the needs and successes of the recorded music industry, from the smallest independent to the three major labels.  We strive to deliver the optimal legislative framework that will allow the UK to maintain its first class position as a leader in promoting and developing musical talent. 

Recently, BPI has been actively involved in:
  • the passing of the Digital Economy Act, providing a framework for rights holders to protect their work from illegal downloading;
  • achieving the extension of copyright term to 70 years by the European Commission;
  • taking court action to block the Pirate Bay;
  • corralling support from advertisers, search engines and payment providers to reduce the revenues of, and traffic to, websites that support online copyright infringement; and
  • supporting a Digital Copyright Exchange to improve the process of licensing of rights.

BPI works to develop well evidenced policy proposals to improve the business climate for its members and to support the UK Government’s objectives of growth.

As a representative body for one of the great cultural and economic success stories of the UK, we work to ensure that the legal framework supports the investment in and creation of new recorded music works.